White Oak Flooring for Rustic Homes
White Oak Flooring for Rustic Homes

White Oak Flooring for Rustic Homes

Great-looking floors make for beautiful homes and because there are various choices in flooring materials, you should always consider what feel you want your place to have before deciding.

White oak flooring definitely works on any type of house but it most especially fits a rustic theme since it has a very good vintage appeal. If you are looking at plank flooring, there are certain factors to be considered before buying and installing.

Finished versus Unfinished Plank Floors

White oak flooring is sturdy regardless if it is finished or not. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to getting finished or unfinished floors so it is worth mulling over the options.

Finished plank floors are all set and ready for use so there is no more work required after buying them aside from installation. On the other hand, unfinished planks give you the liberty to decide as to what specific finish you want for the floors.

Cost of White Oak Flooring

Oak is one of the top choices for floors so you can expect to spend a substantial amount of money. However, this does not mean that you cannot save some money at all. The first thing to remember is to look up and compare prices among sellers especially online.

Internet-based sellers of floors make it a point to have competitive prices so it is up to you to take advantage of this fact. The prices are set per plank and if you are to buy a large quantity, it is very likely that you will get your floors at a reduced price.

Installation and Maintenance

Always leave the installation to the experts to ensure the best results. After the oak floors are installed, make sure you understand the requirements when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them to preserve their structural integrity.