apartment renovation dining space and balcony
apartment renovation dining space and balcony

Unbelievably Roomy yet Limited Studio Apartment

Even if you have a good and chic look apartment, you can never enjoy the whole of it if it is not organized appropriately. An organized studio apartment is a room with good placement. It is about how far you can go to create spaces in the minimized apartment.

The roomy studio apartment by Glenn Medioni can be an inspiring reference if you are about to decorate or redesign your studio apartment. That is one chic and luxurious look of a limited studio apartment.

At the same time, it is also simple and just relaxing. Maximizing the function of each room as well as every inch of the space is the key. Even though it is minimized, the placement can be optimized. Each room will have different characteristics.

Apartment living is all about space and organization. And at the same, it needs to be sleek. That is just what Glen Medioni wants for the studio apartment. The chic look comes from the combination of yellow and white furniture.

The decoration is perfect. The living room becomes more powerful since it looks like a roomy studio apartment. The combination of round and square coffee tables is so adorable with one single chair. The couch is placed on the corner aside from the TV.

The work area is not always closed. In an open space like this roomy studio apartment, the workspace is likely to be upsized. Still, the yellow inside wall combined with the white outer wall is the main idea with a sleek chair.

Once you enter the room, the sun is ahead. Exactly next to the living space of the roomy studio apartment, the dining space is developed. It is developed since the balcony is just right next to the dining space. It is absolutely gorgeous.

What can you do to make the studio apartment looks roomier? It is the sculptural wall. Use it as the separator. The architect places the renovated wood panel as the sculptural wall. The separator looks so real and it makes the room feels more enjoyable.

The separator is placed right beside the dining area which is in an open space with the balcony. The roomy studio apartment is also coming from the way the sculptural wall is developed to separate the bedroom from the dining room. The double door is perfect to create privacy for the bedroom.

A kid’s room is much more playful. The yellow-and-white wall is still the main selection. Once you enter, the sun is already there for a long time since it also has a balcony. The main attraction of the kid room is the loft bed and the desk. Each other is placed on each side of the room. Use the door right in the center.

White is the main theme of the kitchen. It makes the space looks so sleek. The roomy studio apartment looks more powerfully attractive only from the kitchen. Placed exactly next to the main bedroom, the bathroom is in the color of white and black.

The contrast is just powerful to create more illusion. The wall door is optimized with wood. What can be so attractive is about the sink. It is so sleek with only one way-down water placement.

The look is never outdated with yellow and white and black and white. It is just so perfect to create a roomy studio apartment. Glenn Medioni has served you an inspiring idea to organize a small studio apartment into a spacey and roomy living space. These ideas are worth applying, of course with a little bit of adjustment with your own condition. Once you pay attention to space, all will be fine.