three level hammock floors
three level hammock floors

What is Fun to Have Hammock Floors?

It is always incredible when we can get away from our business every day. For that, a family house in Moscow has a great solution. They build a fun home with hammock floors. The idea is just incredible.

Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world. As a large city, the people cannot always move freely. It is always hard to find a house that is also comfortable with family. The options are fewer. Instead of searching for options, they create them.

A hammock floor is built even in such a small apartment. The main idea is a safe place for the family to be always together and supporting each other. Let’s see what we can find.

Kids love to play, right? They love to jump, run, and even fall. The house has three levels. That can make all kids can play at the same time. Besides, it is made to be sturdy and durable to guarantee the safety of kids. Everything is just all about platforms.

The distribution of the fun home with hammock floors is perfectly simple. The sleeping area is on the first floor. Next is the fun area. And the highest is also the fun area with such a small playhouse.

What can be more interesting rather than always be your kids all the time? That is just what the first floor means. The sleeping area is on the first floor with an open space. The platform is used to differentiate with the entering way.

Kids will never get exhausted. Once they are exhausted, they will sleep. Everything can always be their entertainment. Everything built-in will avoid a messy look. The shelves and the TV also mirrors are best to be built-in. it will keep the room clean and maintained.

Watch out! It is high! That will never come out of your mouth. The stairs are from plywood. It is made of wood and plastic at the same time. Even for your kids, that will never make them hurt. Moreover, they love to play with them.

Another reason the staircase is not dangerous is that the staircase is short enough. Also, it is protected by a hammock. It is built from the second floor until the staircases. The second floor is just adorable since it is made especially for kids.

The second floor is protected by the hammock as one side of the wall. To add more comfort, the platform of the second floor in the fun home with hammock floors is utilized with the mattress. The platform is added by such a mattress.

Once it is looked at from below, everything will be so safe. The hammock will fill the gap. And kids will never have a chance to fall from the second or third floor. The view is just so perfect when the family sleeps below.

The best of all is a playhouse. Every kid will always have a really great experience in the playhouse. Playhouse is like a mini house for them. They can play everything in it. The third floor is the secret playhouse. The stairs are not too high. The wall is the hammock on one side and the sliding hammock on the other side.

Right beside the third floor, the skylight is just what you need. The small fun home with hammock floors needs a skylight. It is used to add more light and make the illusion of a spacious room.

The mirrors are built exactly across the skylight. It will reflect the sunlight. At the same time, it will create a more spacious room for the whole level.

The important thing of all small fun homes with hammock floors is the windows. Windows are placed right above the sleeping area. Under the window, there are areas for some plants to grow. On the other side of the wall, the dining area is utilized with the window.