35 square meter apartment loft bed
35 square meter apartment loft bed

Customize 10 Loft Bed Ideas as Liking, Beautiful as Never Been Imagined

Loft beds are one of the popular beds which resembles bunk beds. As people know, the loft bed has a similar structure but it does not have a bottom bunk. That is what makes the bed different from the bunk bed.

It is more appreciated when the loft bed is designed in an attractive way. Besides, considering the design with maximum space function will make the loft bed more than just enough to be the top pick item for any home decor.

Instead of letting your loft bed as it is, why don’t you improve its function? Here are several ideas to be applied to your loft bed.

For any reason, do not sacrifice the comfort in the decor. Even when people have limited space, there are many ways to customize the space with loft beds. As in the design, it is small but has great functionality.

It combines a small kitchen with additional storage, a work desk, and a breakfast bar. It looks creative and distinctive since the combination of color produces such a favorite and fresh atmosphere. It is an inspiring idea for a small apartment.

Another transformation of the loft bed can be seen in this loft apartment. It has a mixture of classic and modern feel at once to get more excitement.

Do not forget also to attach extra storage wrapped in beautiful molding under the loft bed. It cannot be denied that the room looks bright and breezy.

Intricate molding at several spots can be found in the design too. Emphasizing minimalist studio loft, it is a good idea to combine the loft bed sitting on the platform. Left the entire area then give the statement on the wall texture and unique stairs.

It is possible for people to make their loft bed to be this inspiring appearance. Attic apartment does mean to make the owner difficult to decorate the room.

As in the picture, taking the advantage of the angled roof with the bed can be a brilliant solution. Amazing is its name because the door turns to a good spot to see.

One of several problems in a small apartment is the ceiling which is not too high. To anticipate it, a loft bed is designed raising off the floor by only half-meter then put versatile storage under it. It is simply useful and easy to apply.

Most tiny house owners prefer to use a loft bed like this. It can be achieved by simply raising the sleeping area and put the loft bed on a platform.

As the result, space under can be maximized to be made into something versatile. The most important thing is that it is still comfortable.

People can also make this space as a reference. The loft bed is designed with black beams. The room under can be used as a nursery and room for study. Notice also the pure beauty of exposed brick ceiling and wall.

Puzzle loft bed design is another impressive design to apply. Make the room into two levels. It is great when the dining room and kitchen share the same room with the sleeping zone. Even a small room under the loft bed can be used as an extra bathroom.

What about hanging a bed? This idea of a loft bed is amazing too. Of course, it can be brought down easily at night and lift up when it is not needed. See, the separate headboard can be used as a desk. It belongs to versatile function though with little effort.

People’s night shelters can work together with the social areas as in the loft bed design. It looks spacious and open because it integrates a glass divider. Furthermore, the bohemian appearance in the print and textile makes the room look inviting and pleasant.