Elegance in Eco-Friendly Apartment Ideas to be applied with Pictures
Elegance in Eco-Friendly Apartment Ideas to be applied with Pictures

Elegance in Eco-Friendly Apartment Ideas to be applied

The eco-friendly principle should be familiar and applied in modern society including for home interior. People will never know how long the Earth will survive and produce everything we need like house material.

Therefore, it does not hurt to apply the principles in a residential concept. Now, you no longer need to apply them in a boring way. This luxurious eco-friendly apartment can be one clear example where the potential can be applied in an epic and maximum treat without giving a threat to nature.

Located in London, England, the eco-friendly apartment which is designed by CLPD has a studio that specializes in high-quality residential projects since 2012. The side view is very beautiful as well as the building facade.

This eco-friendly apartment has 3 bedrooms with measurements of 2,000 square feet each. It is designed with top-grade materials in combination with organic and industrial.

People seem to be more excited to get a closer look by seeing the balcony during the day and at night. It can relax people’s minds in a short time.

At first, what can be noticed in the balcony of an eco-friendly apartment is the greenery. It is well organized than completed by a mixture of wood elements.

Besides it contributes to adding elegance, it looks warm and cozy actually. The element of greenery and wood is a perfect match to provoke a natural feel.

Are there any unique and special details in the living room? Absolutely, the eco-friendly apartment has such an elegant interior with the richness of the industrial building concept.

It seems like the room brings dozens of masculinity to the overall decoration. For more information, the designer and team use 100% recyclable paperstone throughout the room along with polished concrete floors.

The polished concrete floors link the space up to the kitchen interior as well. Move to the room of an eco-friendly apartment, luxury is still reflected greatly.

The kitchen is a semi-enclosed type where it is open to the social area in the living room but keeps it private too. In order to make it more impressive, there is a chocolate brown shade used in the kitchen bar.

Different from the living room design where it integrates several vibrant colors to make it fresh, the kitchen in an eco-friendly apartment tends to play on the textures rather than colors.

It integrates a rough and polished finish for the sake of an appealing statement. Overall, the space is really comfy.

It seems incomplete to not reveal an eco-friendly apartment bathroom. Still in luxurious appeal, it incorporates white background and golden touches on details. It gives an instant highlight on an entire sophisticated appearance with a combination of the white and black color palette.

Besides the bathtub, there is also a walk-in shower in the bathroom. The bathroom in the eco-friendly apartment keeps in a neutral tone with the domination of earthy colors. It is just simply okay along with its airy and spacious space.

It is full of elegance when it comes to bathroom sinks in eco-friendly apartments. It is found the tiles used are recycled materials. The pleasant look is added by using a honeycomb pattern on the floor with natural color.

What cannot be missed too are in the gold faucet, see-through sink, and bathroom vanity. Its unique double-round mirror makes the room completely awesome.

Best decorative pieces are placed perfectly in the eco-friendly apartment. Any room in the room has been designed with its own uniqueness which cannot be compared.

It is because they have their own appeal which is deliberately created by designers. Ranging from details like artworks, colors, texture, and organic material, all items give a big impact just as beauty dynamite to the luxurious apartment.