Benefits of Cork flooring
Benefits of Cork flooring

Some of The Lesser-Known Benefits of Cork Flooring

Most people aware of cork flooring understand the obvious benefits of using the material. Cork flooring is a great insulator. It provides excellent soundproofing qualities.

It is an environmentally sound product. However, there are other benefits of cork flooring that are lesser-known, but equally important, benefits. Items such as sanitation, durability, and workability are among the top of the lesser-known benefits.

Cork flooring is a naturally hypoallergenic substance. It is resistant to many allergen factors such as moisture and mildew. For homeowners that are conscientious of family needs, this is a huge plus.

It reduces the susceptibility to known allergens that create problems for many sensitive people. For people with children, this reduces the risk of congestion or irritations from being on the floor.

Cork flooring is resistant to insects and germs without prior or continued treatments. Considering hardwoods, which are prone to termite damage, this element is of great interest to people looking at new flooring. Because of cork flooring’s cellular composition, bugs cannot live in or feed on the material.

Cork flooring is highly durable. It is a soft substance, which means that heavy furniture will leave indentations in the material. However, when the weight is removed, the material returns to its natural shape. Because of this factor, cork flooring tends to outlast its hardwood competitors.

Lastly, cork flooring is a highly workable material. Because of its soft make-up, the tiles or planks are easy to cut. This makes installation an easy process for any person regardless of flooring experience.

Because it is easy to size, cork flooring is an excellent choice for rooms where the architectural structure includes irregular angles and curves. As well, the easier material is to cut, the less waster there is and the amount of time spent preparing to install is shortened.

The obvious attributes to the use of cork flooring are reason enough to consider installing this flooring option. However, the list of benefits does not stop with sustainability, insulation, and soundproofing.

Considering its ability to ward off germs, insects, and allergens is an important factor. As well, looking at the material’s durability and easy-to-use benefit, make this option considerably more appealing for many homeowners.

Simply research cork flooring to discover how the product is made, where it comes from, how it is installed, and options for design and color. The versatility of cork flooring makes it a brilliant choice.