living room geometric wall decor
living room geometric wall decor

Moscow Apartment with Neon Lights Adding Uniqueness and Color

Having an apartment is not like having a house. The whole house needs to be taken care of more carefully and the maintenance is not as simple as the apartment’s maintenance.

But it doesn’t mean that an apartment doesn’t need any care, more importantly for the lights. If you think that apartment needs big lights, it can be. But it’s better when you think of something simple yet still elegant, such as a neon light.

You probably wonder how neon lights can serve sufficient illumination for the room. Let’s take a look at some rooms in the apartment using neon lights inside.

In this bathroom, the wall has a black and white color which is somewhat very contrasting. That’s why it needs neon lights as the touch.

There are three important areas where the neon lights can be installed in. It can be located above the bathtub, above the shower, and above the mirror. They’re better in white light.

Still in the bathroom, this bathroom idea has unique neon lights as it comes in red shade. This bathroom is like the previous one, having black and white walls. The red neon light is located at the corner of the room, near the closet.

Another lighting idea will be suitable for your bedroom. Installing pendant lights will be much more intriguing with neon lights in each of them.

The pendant lights come in brown color that serves a warm and friendly ambiance. They’re hung on the ceiling and placed above the bedside table. It is really inspiring modern bedroom design!

This is another bedroom lighting idea with neon light. Aside from pendant lighting, it also has additional lighting from the neon lights.

The light which is installed over the bed comes in romantic red color. Whenever you wake up, you will feel recharged by seeing these lighting fixtures.

This is the perfect example! The home theater usually uses neon lights and the neon lights are in white shade. You can put the neon lights on the ceiling and usually, it’s more than one.

The neon lights are arranged in a rectangular shape. It gives an impact just like a small cinema with some posters on the wall.

Even your kitchen deserves neon light. Though it does not serve as the main lighting, the existence of neon light in the kitchen adds charms to the cooking space.

As you can see in this modern kitchen, the black and white kitchen concept looks really good with the purple neon light. It seems so inspiring for other who wishes to have different kitchen lighting concept.

In the kitchen island and also bar, you can consider neon lights as well. For example, you can add white neon light under the chair and above the kitchen bar. The neon light in white color will add luxury and elegance.

After the kitchen, now we move to the living room. This living room has a neon light on the ceiling in purple color, and on the wall near two orange sofas. There are ornaments using neon colors. The ornaments are made of neon light in rectangular, round, and triangle shapes.

On the other side of a living room, you can put a neon light, too. It rather looks like small round neon lights on the ceiling. The color is white and it will look in contrast to the black ceiling.

In this living room, a red accent comes from the red neon lights aside from the sofa. They’re installed on the ceiling, specifically on the corner of the room. This neon light makes your living room look warm and daring at the same time.

After all, neon lights are much-recommended illumination as an inspiration for your apartment. It does not only serve friendly and warm ambience but also additional decoration into the room. Adjust the neon color to the concept of every room for the best result.