Graphical Décor for Sleek Compact Penthouse
Graphical Décor for Sleek Compact Penthouse

A Graphical Decor for Sleek Compact Penthouse

Urban life is not always full of choices. There are only limited options that people can get when they choose to live in a city. It is about how they can live with such limited space around. That is the most possible challenge that they have to face.

Whether it is a penthouse or studio apartment, those all have the same change. That is why a good placement is needed. Even with the limited space, you can still have an unlimited sunbathing area in your own living space. There are still a lot of spaces that you can use for your relaxing time.

Starting from the terrace is absolutely great. Even though you already have a studio apartment or compact penthouse, you need to be livable. A roof terrace can always be useful to make everything possible. A hanging couch, outdoor grill, bench, and also plants are good combinations for your terrace. It can never be impossible.


A roof terrace is a place where all you need to do is just relaxing. A good placement will be so useful. Such a compact penthouse can be always compact when the placement is also supporting. A really great idea is coming from a pair of the single sofa and a hanging couch on the corner.

On the other side, a cushioned bench is great with the outdoor grill area. To add nature to your side, plants can always be useful. Place plants to prevent too much sun from the outside.

The perfect furniture on the roof terrace can always lead to an enormous compact penthouse. Adding wood floors can always be relaxing. A good combination of plants and wood floor is always able to make the people relax.

Going inside, you need to make sure that the closest area with a terrace is the kitchen. The room in such a compact penthouse is not always big enough. Minimized kitchen bar is just what you need. It is combined with a parallel island that can never be disappointing. A black sleek stain makes the kitchen look much more friendly and luxurious.

Still, in the same room, the island parallel is embellished with the kitchen bar and seating. Black and silver are still the themes. No matter how many people gathered in your house, it will never make you concern.

Kids are always playful. The room needs to support them. The platform should always make them safe. At the same time, keep the look always sleek. A pair of beds can be placed facing one another. Mix the placement. A round table with chairs is perfectly great. Add some storage right underneath the platform.

On the other side, a bathroom is not always about a doormat. The concrete design makes everything absolutely stunning. The luxurious area is still maintained even with the concrete. In fact, concrete can make a really comfortable area to support the compact penthouse. Such unique stainless faucets and long-hanging light bulbs are enough for the lights.

To go underneath, staircases are not always sticky and tight look. More relaxing and comforting furniture can be used. The extraordinary “x” cord is great to use as staircases. The cord is used also to hang the stairs even though it does not actually hang the stairs.

The staircases are right towards the wall on the lower level. Black paint is perfect to keep the compact penthouse looks luxurious. The lower level is the place for everything. The entering room is coming from the mixed cord stairs.

Right underneath is a big austere room. It is in an open space. The wood panel dividers are also great to add more private areas to the room. That is a great adventure for such a compact penthouse.