Pretty patterned storage

Small Feminine Apartment to Be Upsized

A studio apartment is a never-ending story. It is all about short and limited spaces. An apartment is the best way to live in an urban. An apartment is the best place of our intention or preference of art. A home is where all inspiration comes.

Having a home is not always about the size. Even though it is small or limited, a home can always be attractive. All you need is your touch of art. For you who are much more like feminine girls, the apartment is just needed to be like this.

You know what? All appearance matters. That is just what you need for your opening. The appearance is the first one, especially for those girls. A doormat can never be disappointing.

Motivation is one of your best sources. The doormat looks chic with a grey and white color combination. That is just absolutely you are.


A feminine touch is not always in every furniture piece, especially when it is only limited space that can be used. Such feminine apartment needs to have throwing pillows.

A white or pink velvet or flower-design pillow is always good to get a feminine look. A pure white sofa is also great with the neon stand lamp. The lamp can always work with such an artistic touch. A standing lamp adds more light and makes the room has wider space to enjoy.

The living room without a window is just nothing. It cannot add up comfort. A lazy chair completed with the lazy footstep is so relaxing. Even a cat can always be comfortable there.

A window beautifies the room by adding lights and views. Draped curtain designed in long size and white is the perfect combination to the lazy time.

No need for the usual solid coffee table in your small feminine apartment. Use a pretty coffee table instead. Add more beauty and also add more lights to the whole room. A feminine look will always be reflected even from a coffee table.

Even though it is stored, it needs to be feminine. A colorful pattern can always light up the room. Place it pretty and make it patterned.

The small feminine apartment is one related to small effective furniture. Such acrylic material is always good as the furniture. The acrylic storage can be the best place for any kind of stuff like books, pictures, small gifts, etc.

Because it is always a short-limited space in the small feminine apartment, the whole kitchen needs to have less colorful ideas. But use the patterns.

Mixing patterns can add a sleek and chic look to the kitchen. Always add living plants or flowers beside the sink. Whether you are feminine or not, you will always love it.

What about the bar? Even though you already choose to have feminine look in your house, the bar also needs to be more feminine. Such minimized bar cart is absolutely perfect.

A gold cart made of aluminum embellishes the whole kitchen. There are the most popular wines on the upper level and the server.

A bedroom in a small feminine apartment is where you can find peace. Such a luxe look needs to be added to create a more feminine feeling.

A glass hanging lamp is always perfect with pink or white beds. An end chair will beautify the look of the bedroom. Make sure it is velvet!

How to make a closet look much more feminine? It is freestanding! A bedroom with a freestanding closet never ends. Instead, it adds more beauty to the room.

Aside from being practical, this freestanding closet effortlessly improves the beauty of your room. Coming with intriguing color, this closet is suitable to be the focal point of the room.